Jesse Kuhlman is a Master Electrician and owner of Kuhlman Electrical Services in Massachusetts. He started working as an Apprentice in grade school helping his father Gary on weekends and summer breaks. After high school, Jesse attended college for a short time but ultimately decided to go full-time with the family business. Jesse has always said he learned from the best and electrical is in his blood.

Jesse never imagined he would write a book, but his motivation came from seeing homeowners struggle when going through the process of hiring an electrician and the abundance of misinformation. He hopes to assist in educating homeowners on the subject of residential wiring and hiring electricians.

Kuhlman Electrical services provides residential electrical services to all of Eastern Massachusetts, with locations in Lynn, Weymouth and Woburn.

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A digital version of the Knob and Tube Wiring Guide is available for purchase on Amazon that will take you through the entire knob and tube re-wiring process.