Cost to Replace Knob and Tube Wiring?

This is probably the biggest question a customer asks themselves when finding out they have active knob and tube wiring. Unfortunately, giving you cost without knowing your exact situation is not possible. Houses vary in size and difficulty. Some homes have far more knob and tube then others. There is no one size fits all for these kinds of jobs.

Most electricians will estimate these jobs in one of two ways –

Time and material basis:

This method means the contractor will charge you an agreed upon hourly rate plus all materials required.

  • Most contractors will give you rough amount of time needed to complete the job so you can have some expectation of job cost.

Price Per Point (fixed price)

  • All outlets, switches, lights, and circuits are given a value containing both labor and material. All these items (we call them points) are added up then calculated to produce a fixed price.
  • Any change orders will be calculated at this price per point. For example if your price per point is $250.00 per outlet, and you ADD 1 outlet you know the cost. If you SUBTRACT 1 outlet you know the cost! Makes sense, right?

Both methods of pricing are good and it is up to the customer to decide which is preferred. Personally,  I am a fan of the price per point method as it’s very transparent.

There are few advantages of the price per point method, such as:

  • As a customer you will not feel any kind of pressure to keep track of how long the electricians are in your house each day. What happens if the company sends 3 electricians instead of 2? How about 4? What if the electricians take an extra-long lunch? This is how it can get confusing using the time and material method.
  • Change orders are easy to calculate using the price per point method. If you are having the work done hourly and want a few more outlets installed it’s still a bit of a mystery as what the exact cost will be.


This is the biggest one. Using the price per point method you will know the exact cost UPFRONT with the only deviation being from changes in scope. I know, I know, you came to this page hoping to hear an exact cost to replace your knob and tube wiring! Again, it varies so much, due to the scope of the work needed. However, I will say we have had jobs as little as $1,000.00 all the way up to $75,000.00. I would say the majority of knob and tube estimates fall within $5k and $15k.